Harry Jackson

Harry Jackson graduated from Crooked Oak High School in 1949. He played football, basketball and baseball. In the fall of 1949 Jackson enrolled at Connors State College where he started at football at right tackle. Jackson also started in basketball where he played center for CSC. Upon graduation from CSC Jackson attended Central State where he played football from 1951-52. 

In the fall of 1959 Jackson was selected to coach football and baseball at Connors State College. He coached both baseball and football at Connors until 1965. He led the baseball team to the National Tournament in Grand Junction, Colorado in 1963. 

In 1968 Jackson was appointed Dean of Students at Connors and held this position until 1978. During this time he also served as athletic director and at times registrar. In 1978 he was appointed Academic Dean and served in that position until he retired in 1988. It was during this time that Connors began offering classes in Muskogee. Jackson was instrumental getting this addition for Connors accomplished. He met often with regents and political leaders in Muskogee. Jackson served under than three different presidents while at Connors beginning with Jacob Johnson in 1959. He is the past president of the Academic Administrators of Oklahoma Junior Colleges. 

Jackson has been involved in many civic activities in Warner and the Muskogee area. He established and was the first president of the Warner Quarterback Club. He served as the president of the Chamber of Commerce twice and was often sought to take leadership roles for activities in the community. 

Jackson continued to support Connors after his retirement. He served three times as the president of the Connors Alumni Association. Nine members of Jackson’s family has attended or graduated from Connors State College. 

Jackson was inducted on April 26, 2014.