Connors State College Athletic Hall of Fame

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Our Story: Aggies to Cowboys

For more than 100 years, the story of Connors State College has been one of hope, challenges, triumphs and excellence. Our student athletes have been an important part of a rich and distinguished history that has been recognized time and time again as a tradition of excellence. The true legacy of Connors State is not just measured by accomplishments in the classroom, on campus or in life, but in the hearts and minds of our people.

We take great pride in our student athletes and how as Aggies and Cowboys they have inspired our campus and community. Their success in life, as well as on the field of play, serves as a great example of how hard work and commitment are essential to fulfilling the promise of your potential. The Connors State Athletic Hall of Fame is a place to gather and celebrate our tradition of excellence as well as to continue our legacy of building futures one at a time.


Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees


Women's Basketball

Tina Taylor Ramos

Nesila Onjiko Brown
Carin Ranae Stites

Athena McCoy
Kenya Robinson

Gail Cooks
Pam Pennon Kokel

Monte Madewell
Carri Hayes Storts

Dr. Alicia Burke
Kamara Stancle

Rhonda Smith
Kim Davis

1985 Women’s Basketball National Championship Team

Lisa McMillin
Carolyn Greul
Stacy Cunningham
Vicki Price
Alicia Burke
Tonya Godsby
Wendy Sanders
LaDonna James
Traci Krumsiek
Michelle Gordon
Gail Cooks
Jan Gilmore
Rhonda Smith
Mannon Mahon
Dede McLemore
Coach Monte Madewell
Coach Bill Martin



Luther Martin
Frank Harris

Bruce Shropshire
Leonard Wood

Lloyd Jernigan
Dr. Michael McGee

Eddie Louie
Jim Miller

1990 National Championship Team:
Elmore Spencer, Reggie Tinch, Sebastian Neal, Angelo Hamilton, Mike Allen Aaron Sunderland, Eddie Shepherd,  Marc Whaley, John Barrett, Howard Hampton, Bryan Jarrad.

Team Managers: Tracey Cole & David Adams,
Head Coach Ed Stepp, Coach Doug Durham, Coach Brian McLaughlin

Carl Scott
John Whisenhant

Clarence Lynch
Reggie Tinch

Lou Henson
Horatio Webster

Our House

WC Aerial Shot 1949.jpg

The original Gym was built in 1937-38 to replace a wooden structure destroyed by a fire in 1935.

The brick building, known today as the Fine Arts Building, sits on the southeast corner of campus and was home to a basketball court, locker rooms and played host to numerous college dances. Concrete bleachers were built into the south side of the gym and were used for track meets and football games. After Melvin Self Field House was constructed, the gym was remodeled into the Fine Arts Building, housing classrooms, faculty offices, music rooms and a 600-seat auditorium. Some of the hardwood from the gym floor serves as the stage floor of the auditorium.

The gym construction near completion in 1938.

The gym construction near completion in 1938.

The gym construction, 1938.

The gym construction, 1938.

Football practice, 1963.

Football practice, 1963.

Melvin Self Field House

Melvin Self Field House was constructed in 1966-67 and was named after Connors State College’s 12th President, Dr. Melvin Self. The new facility contained a basketball court, collegiate-sized swimming pool, coaches offices, locker rooms and a couple classrooms. Expansion began in 1982 with the addition of a hospitality room, multi-purpose room, fitness center and additional office space. By 2000, the Field House upgraded some of its facilities with new bleachers, a new concession stand and additional restrooms.

Melvin Self Field House, 1972.

Melvin Field House Pool 1967

Melvin Field House Pool 1967

Biff Thompson Field

Biff Thompson Field, 2012.

Biff Thompson Field, 2012.

The baseball field was constructed during the ’50s and in 1997, after a generous donor provided the Cowboy baseball program with its first lights, it was named “Biff Thompson Field.” Thompson has continued to donate significant items to the baseball program throughout the years. Facility expansion projects included a new press box, an indoor hitting facility, a metal outfield fence, a new set of bleachers, an updated backstop and a resurfaced infield.

Softball Field


Softball Field The Connors State College Softball Field was constructed in 1986 in the southernmost part of campus. Both left and right field measure 200 feet, while center field is 205 feet. The facility was constructed before the first team took the field under Head Coach Clarence Lynch in 1987-88. In 2011, new lights and poles, an outfield fence, backdrop bleachers and guard rails in front of the dugout were updated.

Men's Basketball

NJCAA Championship Team, 1990.

NJCAA Championship Team, 1990.

Men’s Basketball started in 1915 under the direction of the first recorded Aggies coach, J.T. Martin. Burt Huckleberry followed as coach during the 1920s. Conference play began in 1946-47.

In 1947-48, the Aggies had a 15-8 record under Coach Earl Iba, brother of OSU basketball coach, Henry Iba. The Aggies claimed a conference championship in 1951 and repeated the next year with a conference and regional championship under Coach Bobby Jack Rogers. The team placed seventh nationally and produced Connors’ first 1st Team All-American, Clarence Lynch.

The 1970s produced additional regional championships and national rankings under Head Coach Carl Scott. Scott earned his 300th career win in 1977-78. By the end of the decade, the Cowboys had earned a Region II Championship and Eddie Louie became the second basketball player to earn 1st Team All-American honors as well as Region II MVP and Oklahoma Junior College Player of the Year.

Ed Stepp took the helm as head coach in 1988 and in 1990 his team won the NJCAA Championship title with an overall record of 36-2. All the players from the team went on to play Division I basketball and the 1990 season produced the largest number of All-Americans in the college’s history.

William (Bill) Muse became coach in 1992. By the mid-1990s, Muse had led teams to four consecutive regional titles and appearances at NJCAA national tourneys earning Region II Coach of the Year honors. By the end of the ’90s, Muse’s record was 189-49. Cowboys earned another regional and conference championship in 2009.

Coach Rogers

Coach Rogers

Bobby Jack Rogers 1950 - 1952

Bobby Jack Rogers coached the Aggies during the early 1950s, winning a conference championship in 1951; and the conference and regional championship in 1952. Also under the leadership of Rogers, Connors produced its first 1st Team All-American, Clarence Lynch.

Coach Stepp

Coach Stepp

Ed Stepp 1988-1991

Ed Stepp won the men’s first NJCAA National Championship in 1990, two years after becoming head coach in 1988. The team’s overall record that year was 36-2. The ’90s also produced the largest group of basketball All-Americans at Connors. All the players on the championship team went on to play Division I basketball.

Coach Muse, 2001.

Coach Muse, 2001.

Bill Muse 1992-Present

Bill Muse has led the Cowboys for the last two decades. During the 1990s Muse took his team to four consecutive regional titles and appearances at NJCAA national tourneys. Muse has also earned Region II Coach of the Year honors seven times. By the end of the 1990s, Muse’s teams had an overall record of 189-49. At the end of the 2012 season, Muse’s record was 461-89.

Eddie Louie, 1980

Eddie Louie, 1980

Clarence Lynch’s jersey was retired during the 2005-06 Cowboys basketball season.

Clarence Lynch’s jersey was retired during the 2005-06 Cowboys basketball season.

Men's Basketball team, 1920s.

Men's Basketball team, 1920s.


First Team All-Americans

1952 Clarence Lynch
1980 Eddie Louie
1990 Elmore Spencer
1994 Cyrus Jones
1996 Horatio Webster
1997 Detrick White
2012 C.J. Washington
2015 Corlbe Ervin
2016 Devin Sims

Notable Players

Elmore Spencer
Lottery pick drafted out of UNLV to the LA Clippers.

Lou Henson
Legendary head coach for University of Illinois & New Mexico State.

Bobby Jack Rogers
Coached at Connors before taking over as head coach at East Texas State, where he won the NAIA National Championship. He ended his coaching career at Texas A&M.

1952 Region II Champions
Bobby Jack Rogers, Head Coach

C.W. Lynch
Wayne Mulkey
Jim Miller
Bill Shahan
Lou Henson
H.O. Honer
Roy Smith
Al Drywater
Raymond Ganns
Bill Carr
Neal King
Hang Herden

1954 Region II Champions
Lee Galloway, Head Coach

Bud Richards
Don Parks
Don Pearson
Paul Burris
C.J. Hanson
Paul Ingle
J.B. Stigall
Houston Taylor
Hershel Newberry
Keith Colson
John Paul Johns
Don Compton


1976 Region II Champions
Carl Scott, Head Coach
Ed Hardeman, Assistant Coach

Dale Bray
Steve Burks
Raymond Dean
Joel Fast
Willie Glover
Lawrence Howell
Danny Jarrett
Marcus Penny
Haywood Smiley
Den Trickey
Gery Triggs
Manuel Warrior
Lawrence Washington

1990 National Champions
Ed Stepp, Head Coach
Doug Durham, Assistant Coach

Mike Allen
John Barrett
Angelo Hamilton
Howard Hampton
Bryan Jarrad
Sebastian Neal
Eddie Sheppard
Elmore Spencer
Aaron Sunderland
Reggie Tinch
Marc Whaley

1994 Region II Champions
Bill Muse, Head Coach
Mike Kelley, Assistant Coach

Paul Banks
Clifton Calendar
Dwayne Davis
Sammie Haley
Simeon Haley
Cyrus Jones
Clifford Marshall
Bryan Pettis
Cornell Skanes
Edward St. Fleur
Michael Sylmon
Demetrius Turner
Eric Wooten

1995 Region II Champions
Bill Muse, Head Coach
Mike Kelley, Assistant Coach

Mike Brittian
Clifton Calendar
Michael Cash
Marcus King
Cifford Marshall
Tavie Mason
Bryan Pettis
Edward St. Fleur
Jerome Vaden
Horatio Webster
Kerry Wright
Eric Wooten

1996 Region II Champions
Bill Muse, Head Coach
Mike Kelley, Assistant Coach

Prince Barnes
Eric Beatty
Wendel Bradshaw
Michael Brittian
Eddie Gaulden
Chris Hayes
Torrin Hawkins
Kyle King
Marcus King
Clifford Marshall
Edward St. Fleur
Shane Tuck
Jerome Vaden
Horatio Webster
Detrick White
John Woods

1997 Region II Champions
Bill Muse, Head Coach
John Dillard, Assistant Coach

Prince Barnes
Eric Beatty
Ramon Byndom
Eddie Gaulden
Torrin Hawkins
Shannon Long
Bryan Moeller
Jeff Thomas
Shane Tuck
Detrick White
John Woods

2009 Region II Champions
Bill Muse, Head Coach
Jeff Johnson, Assistant Coach

Chris Blake
Orlando Brown
Justin Butler
Rakeem Couch
Joe Fontenot
Ray Jones
CJ Washington
Stephon Weaver
JJ Wesley

2010 Region II Champions
Bill Muse, Head Coach
Jeff Johnson, Assistant Coach

Orlando Brown
Jarvis Garner
Jarrett Givens
Darius Hemingway
Ray Jones
Corderio Maclin
Mark Rutledge
C.J. Washington
Jeremy Washington
Corey Wilford
Tevin Worthy

2013 Region II Tournament Runners-up
NJCAA Tournament Zone Qualifier
Bill Muse, Head coach
Cameron Henderson, Assistant Coach

Devante Moore
Willie Atwood
Josh Cameron
Craig Hill
Quan Jones
Hakeem Harris
Tony Cabrera
Anthony Hartfield
Jamarcus Weatherspoon
Erick Broadnax
Denell Henderson
Troy Jones

2015 OCAC Champions
Region II Champions
NJCAA National Tournament #1 Seed
32-2 Record
Bill Muse, Head Coach
Cameron Henderson, Assistant Coach

Arlando Cook
Ronnie Boyce
Corlbe Ervin
Damari Edwards
Phabian Glasco
DJ Evans
Kayshaune Spencer
Deven Simms
Erick Broadnax
Montana Gormley
Daniel DeCosta Jr.

2017 OCAC Champions (27-7)
Region II Champions
NJCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen
Bill Muse, Head Coach
Sam Grooms, Assistant Coach

Zac Rogers, Assistant Coach

Daniel Melifonwu
Chris Crawford
Dayton Artis
Adarius Avery
Kingsley Nwagboso
Rashawn Langston
Bill Muse JR
Zaph Bobb
Braydon Powell
Daniel DeCosta

Coaches who dedicated their time and knowledge to our program.


J.T. Martin
Burt Huckleberry
W.G. Hudson
Paul Kratz
Alpha Stanphill
Earl Iba
Bill Hunnicut

Tim Carson
Mick Weiberg
Ken Hodges
Lonn Reisman
Ed Stepp
Tony Andre
Bill Muse

Bobby Jack Rogers
Presley Askew
Lee Galloway
Wesley Keeney
Clarence Lynch
Pete Evans
Carl Scott



Softball competitively began in 1987; a year after the field was constructed in 1986.

This makes softball the newest collegiate sport on campus to date. This came 40 years after Connors’ first non-collegiate women’s team was formed in 1947. Clarence Lynch was the first softball coach and he coached the sport until his retirement in 1993. Danny Stone coached the team for two seasons and was followed by John (Rick) Carbone in 1995. Carbone took his team all the way to a Region II Championship and a fifth place national ranking his first year. Since 1990, softball has produced seven All-Americans, two Regional Championships and one NJCAA appearance. 


First Team All-Americans

Cassie Tipton

Notable Players

Michelle Taylor: Earned and holds the all-time win record for the Cowgirls with 39 wins in one season.
Sammy Swanda: Earned and holds all-time home run record (23), all-time strike out record (412) and all-time RBI record (210).
Ashley Grider: Cowgirls all-time leading hitter with a career batting average of .496.


Other Notable Players

Tonya Ary
Stephanie Austin
Scarlet Baker
Paige Boling
Afton Burris
Amber Grider
Sheree Johnston
Alex Orf
Amanda Tanner

1989 Region II Champions
Clarence Lynch, Head Coach

Kim Ballard
Sherri Blevins
Virenda Casey
Deborah Conley
Kimberly Cook
Ruby Cox
Michelle Deyo
Shannon Eoff
Michelle Gibbons
Carol Gilliland
Krystal Goodson
Danette Kelley

1993 Region II Champions
Clarence Lynch, Head Coach

Karla Ballard
Heather Barnes
Shelly Birk
Melanie Chambers
Amanda Dudley
Shelley Grantham
Amy Hood
Tonya Kight
Sandi Maley
Nikki Morse
Misty Osborn
Tona Palmer
Ronessa Sands
Amy Shaffer
Angie Sillers
Tammy Thomas
Stacy Williams
Tanya Wyatt

1996 Region II Champions: District Champs & 5th place at Nationals
Rick Carbone, Head Coach
Abner Miller, Assistant Coach

Tonya Ary
Angie Best
Deanna Doncho
Heather Fowler
Katy Graves
Wendy Gugello
Tisha Long
Jennifer Medlin
Misty Pierce
Jamie Russell
Michel Taylor
Cassie Tipton
Dawn Viddes


Coach Clarence Lynch

Coach Clarence Lynch

Clarence Lynch

Among numerous other coaching endeavors, Clarence Lynch also started and coached the first collegiate softball program in 1987. Softball began during the tenure of Connors’ 13th president, Dr. Carl O. Westbrook. Lynch coached the cowgirls until 1993, claiming a Region II title in 1992-93. Most importantly, Lynch committed more than 30 years to athletic programs at Connors and spent his last six years starting up an elite collegiate softball program.

He also served as men’s basketball and tennis coach, Athletic Director and Division Chair of Health/PE.

Coach Rick Carbone

Coach Rick Carbone

Rick Carbone

In the mid 1990s, Rick Carbone took over as head coach of the Cowgirls softball team. Since that time, Carbone has produced seven All-Americans, two Region II titles, five Region II runner-up titles and placed fifth nationally in 1996.


Michael Deese


The coaches who dedicated their time and knowledge to our program:


J.T. Pugh
Clarence Lynch

Danny Stone
Rick Carbone

Women's Basketball


Women’s basketball was played at Connors as early as the 1920s with coaches Burt and Agnes Huckleberry.

However, until the mid-1970s women’s basketball was considered a physical education activity and not a collegiate sport. Don Crownover coached the first collegiate women’s team in 1975-76. Monte Madewell began his 19-year career at Connors in 1985 and his Cowgirls won Connors’ first NJCAA National Championship title. Eddie Kite began his career with the Cowgirls in 2003. His overall record to date is 174-100, including several trips to regional and national tourneys.


Burt Huckleberry

Burt and Agnes Huckleberry are both recorded as having coached women’s teams during the 1920s. Women’s basketball was a non-collegiate sport until the mid-1970s, but basketball was one of several physical education offerings for women from the 1920s-1970s.


Monte Madewell

Monte Madewell began his 19-year career at Connors in 1979 and in 1985 his team won Connors’ first NJCAA National Championship Title. All-American players, Kim Davis and Rhonda Smith were coached by Madewell and are two of the most decorated women’s basketball players in college history.

Eddie Kite

Eddie Kite took the lead of the Cowgirls basketball program in 2003. In nearly a decade of coaching, Kite has produced one 2nd Team All-American, one OCAC Player of the Year, an Academic All- American, and four 1st Team All-Conference student athletes. The Cowgirls won the Region II championship in 2009 and appeared at the NJCAA National Tournament. Kite has been named Coach of the Year twice- Bi-State and Region II in 2009 and OCAC in 2011.

Jamie Fisher

Interim Head Coach Jamie Fisher is entering his fourth year on the Cowgirl bench. In Fisher’s first season on the Cowgirl staff the Cowgirls finished with a record of 16-14. The Cowgirls finished the 2012-2013 season in the seventh in the country in scoring offense and first in the conference averaging 77 points a game. Fisher’s primary duties are recruiting, scouting, academics, and working with the Cowgirl backcourt.

The coaches who dedicated their time and knowledge to our program:


Burt Huckleberry
Agnes Huckleberry
Tom Johnson
Harold Whitaker

Kevin Bucher
Chris Harris
Eddie Kite
Craig Roden

Luther Martin
Don Crownover
Monte Madewell


Notable Players

Kim Davis

First women’s basketball player to earn First Team All-American honors at Connors State College. (1982). Member of the State and Regional Championship teams, 1981-82. She was also a Finalist for the Wade Trophy during her career at the University of Florida.

Rhonda Smith

Two-time, First Team All-American (1984,1985). Champion NJCAA Player of the Year (1985). Smith became a First Team All-American and a NAIA National Champion while playing at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Kamara Stancle

Two-time, First Team All-American (1996, 1997). Rawlings NJCAA Player of the Year (1997). Started for University of Arkansas 1998 NCAA Final Four Team.

First Team All-Americans

1982 Kim Davis
1983 Carrie Hayes
1984 & 1985 Rhonda Smith
1986 Alicia Burke
1989 Regina Johnson
1990 Cynthia Caldwell
1994 Pam Pennon
1996 & 1997 Kamara Stancle

1982 Region II Champions
Monte Madewell, Head Coach
Bill Martin, Assistant Coach

Regina Anderson
Gwen Ayers
Kathy Brock
Tracy Cash
Kim Davis
Susan Delap
Tina Kikon
Pam Grimmett
Carri Hayes
Nancy Karnath
Tammy Kindle
Karen Lee
Lisa Leverette
Sandra Lewis
Shelia Mathews
Rhonda McMurray
Jamie Smith

1984 Region II Champions
Monte Madewell, Head Coach
Bill Martin, Assistant Coach

Anita Allison
Jana Bottoms
Jan Gilmore
Janice Hill
Pam Kinade
Velda Knauls
Opie Lowery
Lisa McMillan
Vicky Price
Kim Sims
Rhonda Smith

1985 National CHAMPIONS
Monte Madewell, Head Coach
Bill Martin, Assistant Coach

Alicia Burke
Gail Cooks
Stacy Cunningham
Jan Gilmore
Tonya Godsby
Michelle Gordon
Carolyn Greuel
Ladonna Lewis
Tracy Kramsiek
Mannon Mahan
DeDe McLemore
Lisa McMillen
Vickie Price
Wendy Sanders
Rhonda Smith



Baseball records show that teams were organized as early as 1915 but the first coach pictured with a team was Burt Huckleberry in the 1920s. Baseball teams were fielded irregularly until the late 1950s when coach Harry Jackson came on board. The Aggies came in second in JUCO and went on to win Regionals in Grand Junction, CO, in the 1962-63 season. 

During the 1968-69 season, the Cowboys earned Conference Champion honors under Head Coach Don Crownover.

During the 1968-69 season, the Cowboys earned Conference Champion honors under Head Coach Don Crownover.

Under coach Don Crownover the baseball team attended both regional and national play in 1970-71. That same year Mark Calvert became Connors’ first baseball 1st Team All-American. 

In 1984, Perry Keith began his career at Connors with a Bi-State East Conference title, Region II and Central District Championships and a berth in the Junior College World Series, placing fifth nationally. More than 25 years later, Keith continues to make his mark. In 1996 Keith garnered his 600th win and was inducted into the NJCAA 

Baseball Hall of Fame and his #7 jersey retired in 2008. In 2012 Keith surpassed 1,300 wins with an overall career record of 1322-388 to date. In his tenure as baseball coach, Keith has produced 28 All- Americans, 13 Conference Championships, four Junior College World Series appearances and has coached over 90 drafted baseball players, ten of whom have played in the Major Leagues. 


Don Crownover (1966-1979)

Coach Don Crownover 1966

Coach Don Crownover 1966

Don Crownover began his coaching career at Connors as an assistant football coach before taking over as head baseball coach in 1967. In 1968, the Aggies were 6-0 and OK JUCO Conference champions.

Throughout the next several years, the Aggies attended Regional and National Tournaments in Grand Junction, CO. Coach Crownover also produced numerous All-Americans, including baseball’s first 1st Team All American, Mark Calvert.

Coach Perry Keith, 1984

Coach Perry Keith, 1984

Perry Keith

Perry Keith’s first year of coaching in 1984-85 ended with a Bi-State East Conference title, the Region II and Central District Championship and a berth in the Junior College World Series where the team placed fifth nationally. Since the 1985 season, the accomplishments continue with over 13 Conference Championships, four College World

Series appearances, six Region II Championships, more than 100 players drafted in the Major League Draft and a record that surpasses 1,300 wins in 2012. Coach Keith is the youngest coach in college baseball history to win 1000 games, achieving this on April 15, 2004 at the age of 42. Coach Keith was inducted into the NJCAA Baseball Hall of Fame in May 2008.

Coaches who dedicated their time and knowledge to our program.

Burt Huckleberry
Tom Johnson
Harry Jackson

Clarence Lynch
Harold Cagle
Don Crownover

Clyde Eslick
Gary Vaught
Perry Keith

First Team All-Americans

Academic All-Americans


1972 Jeff Blair
1973 Ken Palmer
1975 Gary Ezell
1976 Mark Calvert
1983 Mike Moore
1985 Baine Brooks
1985 Jeff Turtle
1986 Randy Bobb
1987 Steve Barton
1988 Mike Daniel
1993 Brandon Harris
1994 Bret Pennington
1995 Julio Lugo
1996 Corey Hart
1998 Corey Sellars

1999 Brian Sargeant
1999 Josh Newland
2000 Jake Bollig
2001 Jeff Salazar
2001 Kyle Roat
2002 Humberto Sanchez
2003 George Kottaras
2003 Hunter Harris
2005 Oliver Odle
2007 Darren Blocker
2008 Brandon Smith
2009 Josh Eidt
2010 Daniel Meeley
2010 Jake Fisher
2011 Matt Oberste

1985 Scott Howell
1986 Randy Bobb
1988 Kirk Zeller
1991 Jimmy Pancher
1991 John Smykla
1992 Tim McWhorter
1992 Jason Ward
1993 Jason Brummal
1993 Jay Osborne
1995 Toby Wilmot
1996 Justin Dill
1996 Sandy Farrell
1997 Steve Woytek
1997 Stephen Baza

1997 Derrick Chappell
1998 Dustin Tedesco
1999 Matt Wood
1999 Larry Noble
2006 Tyler Whitaker
2006 Blake Hollingsworth
2006 Greg Speed
2006 Nick DeSanctis
2007 Jarod Hershberger
2007 Kyle Upchurch
2010 Jerrit Basquez
2012 Jacob Barton
2012 Braden Cook

Notable Players

Kyle Roat
2001 NJCAA Player of the Year

Hunter Harris
2002 NJCAA Defensive Player of the Year

Tyler Tuthill
2008 NJCAA Gold Glove Third Baseman

Major Leaguers

Mark Calvert
Jeff Richardson
Mark Leiter
Gordon Dillard
Rusty McGinnis
Clint Sodowsky
Julio Lugo
John Rodriguz
Humberto Sanchez
Jeff Salazar
George Kottaras

1985 Region II Champions
Junior College World Series
Perry Keith, Head Coach
Butch Simpson, Assistant Coach

Jay Baker
Brent Bell
Mike Boyd
Baine Brooks
Marty Darnell
Lance Davis
Dave Driggers
Ron Dush
Bo Eby
Dusty Eby
Richie Fretwell
Kevin Godwin
Curtis Green
Eric Haines
Jeff Hamil
Scot Howell
Kip Karn
Robert Lavender
Scott Long
Kevin Merril
Wayne Orcheln
Rod Sitton
Jeff Turtle
Ronnie Turtle
Spencer Wilkinson

1985 Region II Champions
Junior College World Series
Perry Keith, Head Coach
Butch Simpson, Assistant Coach

Steve Barton
Brent Bell
Randy Bobb
Tim Brooks
Gaither Brown
Tom Carcione
Jack Cunningham
Dave Driggers
Ron Dush
Bob Farris
Bobby Fassold
Grant Feauto
Kris Fowler
Richie Fretwell
Kevin GodwinCurtis Green
Brian Grief
Jeff Hamil
Raydon Leaton
Doug Marrs
Brad Mowers
Carl Myers
Jerry Nemecek
Scott Norwood
Mark Rowell
Rod Sitton
Kevin Thomas
Gordon Tipton
Troy Walden
Spencer Wilkinson

1996 Region II Champions
Junior College World Series
Perry Keith, Head Coach
Wes Gross, Assistant Coach

Matt Bales
Steve Baza
Chris Brown
Brent Caldwell
Derrick Chappell
Matt Cloud
Derrick Daugherty
Marques Davis
Justin Dill
Derek Dixon
Chad Ellis
Eric Espinal
Sandy Farrell
Bobby Foreman
Travis French
Wes Green
Corey Hart
Jamie Hoffman
Brent Holland
George Johnson
A.J. Jones
Jeremy Lee
Derek Nunn
Albis Ramos
Jon Richi
Steve Sansenbach
Lance Smith
Travis Smith
Cody Spikes
Jayson Swarer
John Texeira
Charlie Vargan
Charles Wheeler
Jerel Whitekiller
Steve Woylek

2003 Region II Champions
Junior College World Series
Perry Keith, Head Coach
Bobby Foreman, Assistant Coach

Dustin Abel
Scott Aldridge
Andre Alvarado
Dustin Anderson
Ryan Annesley
Jake Ayo
Dusty Barnard
Adam Bennett
Don Carlson
Brandon Cook
Tyler Cox
David Curel
Matt Delmas
Danny Desouzee
Justin Edwards
Tyler Goodwin
Chris Greer
Hunter Harris
Adam Hawes
Jeremy Haworth
Chance Henson
Tommy Keefer
George Kotarras
Matt Lormer
Ricky Maupin
Tino McFerran
Cody Ousley
Lance Powers
David Raubach
Jeff Robbins
Grant Roberson
Nat Rogers
Don Russell
Buck Shaw

2006 Region II Champions
Junior College World Series
Perry Keith, Head Coach
Bobby Foreman, Assistant Coach

Gary Beason
Darren Blocker
Angel Cabrera
Ryan Cameron
Kevin Campbell
Derrick Coleman
Kyle DeGrace
Nick Desanetis
Jason Dillon
Luis Estrella
Travis Gilligan
Jeremy Guess
Tim Gwartney
Kenny Hart
Jarod Hershberger
Blake Hellingsworth
Chase Jestice
Bucky Lamb
Levi Laughlin
Ray Long
Felipe Mendez
Mike Miller
Jerry Morns
Josh Neal
Nathan Parker
Frueny Parra
Tyler Patterson
Cass Rhynes
James Seward
Spencer Smith
Greg Speed
Jimmy Treece
Brett Trzcinski
Elvin Vargas
Tyler Whitaker
Dustin Williams
Brandon Wise

2008 Region II Champions
Junior College World Series
Perry Keith, Head Coach
Bobby Foreman, Assistant Coach

Victor Aracena
Dude Brown
Shawn Budder
Shane Cameron
Brett Coffman
David Consuegra
Kyle DeGrace
Jason Dillon
Brock Feldman
Kyle Fillerd
Dio Gonzalez
Ryan Kilmer
Carter Lance
Mike Martinez
Sam Meloy
Seth Merrie
Jim Miner
Chris Muchmore
Jimber Mueses
Javier Olazagasti
Heath Orndorff
Brad Shankle
Brandon Smith
Brett Thompson
Tyler Tuthill
Gee Tyler
Kyle Varga
Jacob Wenaas
Dustin Williams
Zane Williams
Justin Wordy
Michael Zurmehly