Alumni & Friends
Hall of Fame Nomination

Hall of Fame Criteria

  1. Two alumni may be inducted annually; however, the selection committee may choose to also induct posthumously one individual each year.
  2. Recipients much attend the induction ceremony; the committee will choose an alternate in the event one of those originally selected cannot attend. The individual originally selected will remain in the nominee poll for consideration.
  3. Nominees must have attended Connors State College, they may be graduates or former students.
  4. Nominees will be judged according to their contributions to society and their professional accomplishments.
  5. While not mandatory criteria, contributions to the advancement of Connors State College and service to the CSC Former Student Association may be considered.
  6. Officers and directors of the Connors State College Alumni and Friends Association Board of Directors are not eligible for this award until two years after they leave the board.
  7. Persons employed by Connors State College; members of the Board of Regents; persons active in positions directly relating to college operations, such as state officials, state legislators, and members of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education are not eligible.
  8. Any individual or group may submit a nomination to the CSC Alumni and Friends Hall of Fame selection committee. Nominees will remain nominated for a total of three years; after that time, their credentials will be placed in an inactive file for possible consideration at a later date.

Methods of Rewards

  • Commemorative plaques will be presented during the alumni dinner meeting.
  • A plaque honoring the inductee will be hung in the Hall of Fame display area.


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