Connors State College opened the doors to the new Student Union on the Warner campus

At the start of the 2015 spring semester, Connors State College opened the doors to the new Student Union on the Warner campus. The $6 million dollar renovated Student Union houses a ballroom, community meeting space, student activity space, art gallery, three distinct entrances to better accommodate student traffic and state-of-the-art facilities. Students, faculty and staff are all excited for the new facility, now having a great place to dine for lunch and dinner without leaving campus or breaking the bank.

“The new cafeteria in the Student Union makes working in Warner and eating on campus so much better,” said Phalecia Gragg, IT Helpdesk Administrator. “Chef and the entire crew are amazing, the food is prepared fantastically and everyone working here is extremely nice and helpful.”

Since its opening, the Student Union has already been host to the Baseball Auction, the Faculty/Staff Christmas Party, Senior Day, Transfer Day and various Campus Life events.  Mike Jackson, Director of Campus Life said very soon all of the student dances will be held in the new facility and eventually they will begin holding more events in the south-side lawn closer to Millers Crossing, which will increase the number of students who are looking to get involved.

“The students really seem to enjoy the newly renovated facility,” said Jackson. “This campus needed a place for students to feel at home and the Student Union will become just that. In addition to the cafeteria and ballroom, we have a conference room just for students, complete with ITV, for use by Student Government or anyone else who wants to reserve and use it.”

Jackson said soon students will have a new computer lab to do homework or browse the web and they will also have a few quiet places for those students who just need some peace.

Jonathan Rowe, Coordinator of Resident Life and Special Events said by being in the center of campus, more students will see the entertainment and fun activities going on and hopefully will want to be a part of it.

“The facility is a multi-purpose building, which will house the Student Activities Coordinator and will be more accessible to any student who may have a question, want to volunteer or even suggest other activates to have,” said Rowe.

Logan Knapper, Director of Recruitment said on Senior Day, which was held in February, the High School students who came were ecstatic to see the new Student Union, because they knew if they came here, this would be part of their daily experience and they would be able to utilize the space and eat from a wonderful buffet every single day.

“When the prospective students and their families tour the campus they see first-hand the amount of work we have put in to making the campus look new and clean and have more of a university feel,” said Knapper. “One thing I love about the Student Union is that it’s open to all faculty, staff and students during lunch and dinner. I encourage everyone to eat on campus and while doing so, start a conversation with these students and build a meaningful relationship with them.”