Ken Ogdon

Ken graduated from Central High School in Sallisaw in 1953 and enrolled at Connors that fall. He earned his room and board as a student secretary in the journalism department for Mrs. Kline and later for Ms. Marshall. After graduating from Connors, he attended Northeastern State College. Ken and Joyce Randolph married in 1956 and moved to Wichita, Kansas where he began his career as a teacher at the age of 19. He and Joyce finished their bachelor degrees at Friends University in Wichita.

Ken earned his Master’s degree in education in 1962 at Emporia State College. He became the youngest person to serve as principal in the Wichita School System at the age 25. Ken was elected to the board of directors of the Kansas State Teacher’s Association and served as Chairman in 1967-68. He was the first paid lobbyist for the Teacher’s Association in 1968.

Ken began a career with Columbian Securities Corporation of Topeka, Kansas as a partner in retail sales in 1970. His new position was working with school systems with employee benefits and investments. Ken bought his partners share in 1992 and formed OFG Financial Services, Inc. OFG Financial Services has more than 80 brokers in 10 states who work in the education market. They serve over 300 employers in schools and colleges and have more than 40,000 clients with total assets of more than 1.5 billion dollars.

Ken and Joyce live in Wichita, Kansas and they have a daughter, Kendra, who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.