Jerry Whitlock


In 1979, Jerry Whitlock founded Whitlock Packaging after acquiring a closed and insolvent juice manufacturer. Through creative strategic partnering, Jerry Whitlock become the largest contract manufacturer of branded non-carbonated beverages in North America, Whitlock Packaging Corporation. Whitlock Packaging Corporation was twice the size of its nearest competitor. Under Mr. Whitlock’s leadership, the company achieved significant growth through acquisitions, expansion of production facilities, product innovation and increased volume from major clients such as PepsiCo, Coke, Nestle, Arizona Tea, Campbell Soup, Ocean Spray, Lipton, Jumex, Goya, Apple & Eve, Monster, Rockstar, Gold Peak Tea , Pure Leaf Tea and Vitamin Water. Whitlock Packaging Corporation received a coveted Oklahoma “Industrial Development Award” along with other distinguished awards such as “The Minute Maid Company Award of Excellence” and the “PepsiCo Strategic Partner Award”. 

 In 1987, Jerry Whitlock served as ambassador to China, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. Again, in 1991 he served as ambassador to Russia, India, Nepal, Tibet and Vietnam. Here he was a member of the American People Ambassador Program, which was founded by former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Whitlock represented the Delegation in the category of Food and Packaging Technology. 

In 2004 Jerry Whitlock acquired Juice Bowl, a trusted 50-year-old juice brand serving schools and government feeding programs .In 2007 Cutting Edge Beverages was created by Jerry Whitlock. In 2016, Jerry Whitlock sold Whitlock Packaging to Refresco, the leading European bottler of soft drinks and fruit juices for A-brands and retailers.

Being a true believer in “giving back to the community”, Mr. Whitlock donated the Whitlock Sports Complex in Fort Gibson. Twelve hundred children took the field on the first day of the grand opening. Other land donations were made to three Oklahoma towns, including monetary donations to numerous organizations such as civic clubs, churches, school educational programs and disaster relief assistance throughout the U.S. Jerry Whitlock also donated the Whitlock Guest House in Muskogee, OK to Women in Safe Homes (WISH), a non-profit organization. Whitlock Wishouse today is used as a fundraising vehicle. All money collected goes to support the WISH shelters to house and support battered women, children and their recovery.

He has travelled to and explored 117 countries to date with the desire to visit all 197 undisputed countries in the world.

Jerry Whitlock’s philosophy is, “Success is the ability to overcome disappointment.”