Jim Hamric


Jim Hamric, a Coach Harald Cagle football recruit, attended Connors State College in 1965-1967. He was selected to the Conference Team by Oklahoma Junior College by coaches after the 1966 season. Jim, a native of Spencer, West Virginia, graduation from Northeastern University in 1969 with a degree in education.

In college, Jim became a student of Oklahoma High School and College athletics beginning with observations of the interaction and comaraderie of this Connors’s Coaches. Jim studied local high school programs and was under the toolage of Coach jack Dobbins at NSU. He became a certified Oklahoma high school basketball official that gave him a window into the Oklahoma Coaches Association and the OSSA. 

After graduation, Jim returned to West Virgina where he immediatly entered the high shcool coaching arena. During twnety-nine years of a coaching career, Jim coached football, wrestling, track, cross country, basketball, baseball and served as Athletic Director. In 1992, he was selected as West Virgina High School Coach of the Year.

Early in Jims career, he lead a movement to improve the West Virgina High School Coaches’ Asscoiation as well as the West Virgina High Shcool Director’s Association to mirror the programs he observed while in Oklahoma. Inspired by the Oklahoma programs, Jim’s leadership changed the West Virgina’s programs into noted national programs.

Since his retirement, Jim has remained active in the state’s high school athletic program serving as the secretary-treasure of the Mountain State Athletic Conference (15 AAA schools). Jim and his wife, Marjori (Rowe) ‘68 CSC graduate, are looking forward to their 50th wedding anniversary this fall. They are proud parents of three children and seven grand children. They reside a their retirement home on a golf course near Parksburg, West Virginia.