Duwayne Briley

As a 1968 Graduate of Connors State College, William Duwayne Briley has achieved many success during his life. He and his wife Kathie have six children.

Before entering the world of banking, he taught Vo-Ag at Bixby Public Schools. As a banker, he soared through the ranks to the highest position and was named CEO and Chairman of the Board of Armstrong Bank in 2004. Active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, he served as Bishop until 2002. His love of horses keeps him busy at the Dirty Creek Ranch south of Warner. Mr. Briley is a true mentor, leader, and example to the students, faculty, and staff of CSC, as well as to his family, church, banks, and community. He supports doing the right things the right way and is an outspoken advocate for getting a great education at Connors State College.